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Principal's Message

Dear Parents, friends and my children,

My greeting to all !
Welcome to Indus Global School, Kuchesar Road Chaupla Hapur, a school with a caring staff and a safe and nurturing environment, where high expectations are the standard. The school takes pride in its excellent infrastructure which has been suitable planned to accommodate learning and all round development of the child. At Indus Global School, education is not just a process of giving knowledge for a future job but a lifelong process which creates an understanding of moral and ethical values to guide one`s life and make our students hope of the country.
The child gets the knowledge from the school. However every child gets his/her emotional stability form parents. I request you to spend quality not quantitative time with your child to know about his/her friends, interests, problems. Encourage him/her always and listen to them patiently. Please do attend the PTM`s regularly.
At Indus Global School, we embrace the diversity of our students and are proud of their high academic achievements. We must continue to strive for improvements and celebrate our achievements. As the Principal, I invite you to contest me if you have concerns, questions or ideas that will help our school keep its tne reputation.

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