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Director Message

Director Message

The journey of life is incomplete without education and value building. Yet, this journey has to be joyous and meaningful.
Change is the only constant factor and this transition will witness the old giving place to the new. The will to win, the desire to succeed and scale the pinnacles of success - These are the key mantra that unleash the door to personal excellence. Success seems to be connected with action, Successful people keep moving. They make mistakes, but they don`t quit that is the spirit of every Member. With afrmed faith our school endeavors to foray our journey to accomplish our vision of contributing to the social change bringing an International outlook focusing on Global trends and traditional Indian values.
Education in IGS is that investment that will contribute to spiritual and physical enhancement along with subject empowerment of every child so that he/she contributes to the society and nation at large.
Our School with a Global perspective has an International policy which aims to provide a compatible environment that would enrich and develop their exploratory skills through collaborative effort. There are many people behind the success of the stduents-their teachers, coaches, mentors and last but not the least their parents. We feel that parents are the most vital stakeholders who are instrumental in creating a harmony between the school and students of this institution and their support will help us in making this school a school with a difference as we know the ladder of success cannot be attained with our hands in our pockets.


(Mr. Kapil Sharma)


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