The fundamental purpose of Indus Global School is learning, not teaching. Here, you learn how to learn.
A Desire to Create Thoughtful Citizens


Dear Parents,
It gives me immense pleasure to share with you that at Indus Global School, it is such a joy to see each child bloom ,each one with a different hue, a different fragrance, a different persona and yet so very significant and special in his/her own right.
The school has carved a niche for being progressive and distinctively unique in terms of holistic development of children in its true sense. Our students have brought laurels in every field, be it academics, sports, music, dance, dramatics or debate. The School has strengthened its skill base, has built upon its infrastructure and opened up new vistas of growth where children can show their creativity and exercise their imagination in myriad ways. It is a vibrant institution blessed with a sprawling green campus, culture, values and substantial education honing life skills among children.
The environment of the school is conducive to child centric learning-'learning by doing'. The school has an inclusive, progressive and international approach and style of functioning. All the teachers are highly qualified young enthusiastic and committed to the welfare of children. The teachers do not merely teach, they TOUCH lives.
With the collective efforts of the students, staff and parents and the support of the management of the school and the School, we are certain that we will steadily achieve its cherished goals. We ardently feel that the children under our care must get all the opportunities to realize their potential in a secure and stimulating environment. I value and appreciate the unstinted support and cooperation extended by the parents in all our endeavours paving way for achievements, appreciation and accolades, thus making it a more colourful canvass of Indus Global School, Kuchesar Road Chaupla, Hapur.


Dear Parents, friends and my children,
My greeting to all !
Welcome to Indus Global School, Kuchesar Road Chaupla Hapur, a school with a caring staff and a safe and nurturing environment, where high expectations are the standard. The school takes pride in its excellent infrastructure which has been suitable planned to accommodate learning and all round development of the child. At Indus Global School, education is not just a process of giving knowledge for a future job but a lifelong process which creates an understanding of moral and ethical values to guide one's life and make our students hope of the country.
The child gets the knowledge from the school. However every child gets his/her emotional stability from parents. I request you to spend quality not quantitative time with your child to know about his/her friends, interests, problems. Encourage him/her always and listen to them patiently. Please do attend the PTM's regularly.
At Indus Global School, we embrace the diversity of our students and are proud of their high academic achievements. We must continue to strive for improvements and celebrate our achievements. As the Principal, I invite you to contest me if you have concerns, questions or ideas that will help our school keep its fine reputation.


The journey of life is incomplete without education and value building. Yet, this journey has to be joyous and meaningful.Change is the only constant factor and this transition will witness the old giving place to the new. The will to win, the desire to succeed and scale the pinnacles of success - These are the key mantra that unleash the door to personal excellence. Success seems to be connected with action, Successful people keep moving. They make mistakes, but they don't quit that is the spirit of every Member.
With affirmed faith our school endeavors to foray our journey to accomplish our vision of contributing to the social change bringing an International outlook focusing on Global trends and traditional Indian values. Education in IGS is that investment that will contribute to spiritual and physical enhancement along with subject empowerment of every child so that he/she contributes to the society and nation at large.
Our School with a Global perspective has an International policy which aims to provide a compatible environment that would enrich and develop their exploratory skills through collaborative effort. There are many people behind the success of the stduents-their teachers, coaches, mentors and last but not the least their parents.
We feel that parents are the most vital stakeholders who are instrumental in creating a harmony between the school and students of this institution and their support will help us in making this school a school with a difference as we know the ladder of success cannot be attained with our hands in our pockets.


Wisdom Integrity - A Desire to create Thoughtful Citizens.

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